Air Conditioning and Cooling Service in Alexandria

Air Conditioning (AC) and Cooling systems are one of those household essentials you don’t think about until something goes wrong. Thankfully, St. Paul area in Minnesota has the convenient and quality services of Thompson Heating & AC to come to the rescue when things go awry.

Our cooling system services include routine maintenance, repairs, and replacements to cover all of your AC needs. With over 3 generations of experience, our 24/7 services are delivered with guaranteed quality. From the level of our work to the friendly and professional nature of our customer service, our first time visits often lead to committed and valued customers who turn to us for all of their home services needs.

AC and Cooling System Servicing, Repair, and Replacement

Did your system stop working? Maybe your vents are blowing hot air or you noticed an odd smell coming from your air ducts. Whatever your challenges, Thompson Heating & AC’s technicians can provide a solution. Our AC and cooling system repair services are timely, efficient, and dedicated to getting the job done right.

Should you need a replacement, our experts will help you choose the right unit based on your home’s unique needs. We’re mindful of your expectations and budget, and we’re committed to identifying the right solution for you.

Cooling Systems We Offer:

Here at Thompson Heating & AC, we offer several options, including:

  • Whole Home Central Air Conditioning
  • Ductless Air Conditioning (Mini-Splits)
  • Evaporating Cooling Units

Contact us today for a free quote or to get more information on our AC and Cooling system service options.