HEATING In The Alexandria Area

Furnace Service

Would you let your car go 50,000 miles without a tune-up? Then why would you do the same to your furnace and air conditioner? After all, just like your car, they are fine-tuned machines that run constantly and are in need of calibrations and cleaning.  A call to Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning for seasonal service will help ward off unexpected equipment breakdowns, increase system efficiency and decrease your utility bills.  We also offer annual Maintenance Plans to keep your system in shape year round!

Furnace Repair

If you don’t schedule regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system, it’s more than likely you’re going to need of some sort of repair work. Thompson Heating & AC technicians are highly skilled in the world of HVAC. If it can be fixed, we’re the ones who can get it done! Our technicians have worked on every make and model to come along over the last 65+ years!

Furnace Replacement

If repairing your system doesn’t quite solve the problem, you may have to replace your equipment. Thompson Heating & AC offers the latest technology to replace the older equipment with top-of-the-line Lennox systems that could save you up to 30% on your utility bills. Get with a Thompson Heating & AC representative today to learn about your options and potential savings with increased efficiency and special offers like rebates available on qualifying equipment.